“Specified Skilled Worker”

Job Placement for the New Status of Residence “Specified Skilled Worker”

  • Nursing care industry
  • Accommodation industry
  • Food service industry
  • Building cleaning industry
  • Food and beverage manufacturing industry
  • Fishery industry
  • Automobile repair and maintenance industry
  • Shipbuilding industry, aviation industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Agriculture
  • Construction industry
  • Material processing industry
  • Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
  • Electric and electronic information related industry

We introduce personnel capable of occupations covered by the new status of residence “Specified Skilled Worker” established in April 2019.

For companies with a shortage of human resources in this business, we will introduce, dispatch and support “Specified Skilled Worker”.

Our service

Introduce overseas personnel who have passed the skill test and the Japanese language test, which are requirements for “Specified Skilled Worker”
Visa experts apply for complicated and difficult "Specified Skilled Worker" visas
Provide foreigners support services necessary to employ "Specified Skilled Worker"

Introduction of“Specified Skilled Worker”

We introduce you to overseas personnel who have passed the skill test and the Japanese language test. They can work for "14 industries". We introduce foreign human resources with skills and Japanese language ability. We dispatch foreign human resources only in the fields of agriculture and fishery industry (Other industries are legally not eligible for dispatch). Please contact us first.

"Specified Skilled Worker" visa application

Once you hire "Specified Skilled Worker", he cannot work unless you apply for his visa at Immigration Bureau. We prepare more than 20 kinds of documents required for application and apply on behalf of you.

Support service for "Specified Skilled Worker"

Once you hire "Specified Skilled Worker", you are legally required to support "Specified Skilled Worker" to take root in Japan. We, Registered Support Organization, can be entrusted with all the support work required below.

  • Preliminary Guidance (Takes roughly 3 hours as a general rule)
  • Picking up and sending off when entering or departing Japan
  • Support relating to securing an appropriate residence
  • Support relating to contracts necessary in daily life
  • Implementation of Daily Life Orientation (Takes more than 8 hours as a general rule)
    • Provision of opportunities to study Japanese
    • Handling of consultations and complaints
  • Support relating to promoting interaction with Japanese people
  • Support in changing jobs in the case of cancellation of the Specified Skilled Worker employment contract due to grounds not attributable to the foreign worker
  • Implementation of regular interviews; issuing reports to government offices

"Specified Skilled Worker" is required to apply for the renewal of his status of residence before the expiration of his term of residence, which is also included in our support service.

Job Placement Service Support services for "Specified Skilled Worker" Process

  • Please contact us using the inquire form provided here.
  • You will be contacted by a representative of our company.
  • We visit your company to learn more about your specific recruitment needs.
  • We select employment candidates and send their resumes to you.
  • You then select employment candidates and conduct interviews. As a general rule, candidates are accompanied by a representative from our company during interviews.
    • If You Choose to Employ a Candidate
      • On your behalf, we perform all residency procedures necessary in the employment of foreign workers.
      • At our company, we conduct the minimum necessary amount of Japanese language and etiquette training prior to employment.
    • If You Choose NOT to Employ any of the Candidate
      • We reselect other candidates and introduce your company to them.
  • Commencement of Employment
  • We provide support to enable long-term employment.
  • We will provide support services for "Specified Skilled Worker".
  • We bill for job placement and support service fees.

Please contact us first.