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A.I. Global dispatches and arranges job placement for foreign human resources, provides services to strengthen company competitiveness, reduces costs, and improves business efficiency to companies looking for personnel that can assist in overseas expansion and companies suffering from a lack of personnel. On behalf of our clients, we perform all residency procedures necessary in the employment of foreign workers.

If you are a manager suffering from any of the following, please contact us immediately.

You lack sufficient applicants and cannot find the type of personnel you are looking for.
You want foreign personnel who can provide a foothold during overseas expansion.
You have questions you would like to ask about employing foreign workers. We handle foreign personnel in a broad range of occupations.

Job Placement for the New Status of Residence

“Specified Skilled Worker”

Covers 14 fields:

  • Nursing care industry
  • Accommodation industry
  • Food service industry
  • Building cleaning industry
  • Food and beverage manufacturing industry
  • Fishery industry
  • Automobile repair and maintenance industry
  • Shipbuilding industry, aviation industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Agriculture
  • Construction industry
  • Material processing industry
  • Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
  • Electric and electronic information related industry

We provide job placement for advanced professional personnel
and exemplary international students both inside and outside of Japan.

  • Hotel industry
  • IT industry
  • Interpretation and translation industry
  • Trade industry
  • and more

Please leave everything to A.I. Global.

The Strengths of A.I. Global

Foreign Worker Employment Consulting
We provide support to put at ease even companies that are employing foreign personnel for the first time. We provide complete follow-up services after employment as well as services that enable long-term employment of foreign personnel.
We introduce promising foreign personnel not only from among those currently residing in Japan but also those in other countries, mainly in Asia. These personnel are capable of multiple languages, including their native language, Japanese and English, and meet to requirements for the new status of residence “Specified Skilled Worker.”
Thorough Compliance
We help create working environments that are in strict compliance with legislation to enable your company to employ foreign personnel based on labor-related legislation as well as the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
Speedy Response
Please contact us however you like, such as by telephone or e-mail. Please feel free to consult with us at any time as we are capable of responding to urgent requests, including a sudden shortage of personnel.

Comments from Those Who Have Recommended Us

A.I. Global
Mr.Hassan Ahamed Chowdhury Kiron/Managing Director of Merit Trade International
I recommend A.I. Global as a business partner. They are highly prestigious and are ushering in a new era in the service industry with their sound administration. A.I. Global, run by President Kato, is on the lookout for new business opportunities for the purpose of expansion and the company wants to provide your company with services as well. We too would be extremely appreciative as well if you were to utilize the services of A.I. Global.
A.I. Global
Mr.Md.Sabur Khan/Chairman of Daffodil International University
A.I. Global is one of the most promising companies in the field of foreign personnel services, including job placement, personnel dispatch and visa applications. I recommend them because they have many clients and I believe that they will live up to your hopes as well.
A.I. Global
Mr. Masud Uddin Chowdhury/ Managing Director of 5M International Ltd.
A.I. Global provided us with foreign personnel services, including visa applications and judicial affairs services, and we are completely satisfied with the results achieved in field concerned. The company comes together as one under the leadership of President Hiroaki Kato and puts up a great fight on your behalf, and I am confident that they can be useful to your company as well.