Company Information and Contact

Company Information

Company name
A.I.Global Co.,Ltd.
1F NK Bldg. 3-1-11 Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Main telephone number
20,000,000 JPY
Description of main businesses
Worker dispatch services
Paid employment placement services
Consulting services relating to residency
entrepreneurship and administration concerning foreigners
Proxy services for visa application
Worker dispatch service license number
Paid employment placement services license number
Registration support agency registration number
Partnered administrative scrivener’s office
Ai・Friends Administrative Scrivener and Judicial Affairs Office

Message from Our Representative

We at A.I. Global serve as a bridge linking Japanese companies looking for personnel to aid in overseas expansion or that are suffering from a lack of personnel together with foreigners who wish to be hard-working and active in Japan.
If you are a company that has never employed foreign workers or if you are a foreigner who has never looked for employment in Japan, please feel free to contact us at A.I. Global at any time. Our entire staff will provide you with sincere support.
Please call on us with peace of mind because we intend to do our best to increase the number of companies that wish to expand through employing foreign personnel as well as the number of foreigners who wish to work in Japan.  
A.I. Global Representative Director Hiroaki Kato

Inquire form

Please feel free to contact us. We usually reply within two business days.